Free interdisciplinary research | Semester 1—3

M.A. Strategic Design

The Free Interdisciplinary Research project is a class to prepare, develop and conduct the students own research based project, where the challenge of the project is left free to choose. During this class the students receive strategic inputs about research and acquire skills for managing a complex project. This class runs throughout the entire Master Strategic Design program and prepares the students for their master thesis.

Starting off with a 'How-to’ question the outcomes range from strong hypothesis, hands on design concepts to promising drafts of a future thesis topic. The students have been touching on topics about urban life, digitalisation, food, fashion, art or even strategic design in itself.

Here are some of the latest research questions, the students have been exploring:

How to improve the biking experience in Berlin?

A research project by Sebastian, Nadja, Anjali and Florian

How to prevent bike theft in Berlin?

A research project by Benjamin

How to solve todays’ smart phone addiction?

A research project by Gilulia

How to enhance the art museum experience through new technology?

A research project by Lenya

How to improve the lack in knowledge about the potential of strategic design?

A research project by Ekta and Ángela

How to improve the onboarding experience for design students in Berlin?

A research project by Eugene

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