M.A. Strategic Design

Hands-on experience: Student led integrated workshops

Workshops are an integral part of the working methods of strategic designers. They are a key approach to enable users and to transfer knowledge in an interactive and participatory way. The principle is learning by doing and direct experience.

In the course „Student led integrated Workshops“ of the design akademie Berlin, the students plan and moderate workshops on their own. The topic of the workshops fit the overarching topic of the semester as well as the individual competencies and fields of interest of each student. The course is a practical hands-on learning journey with elements of a seminar, some coaching, the execution and moderation of a workshop and of peer and group review at the end.

The course of 2017 was running in cooperation with the GUC German University in Cairo, Berlin Campus. Master students of the 10th semester of the GUC took part in the workshops as participants and peer reviewers.

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