Project idea: 

In Berlin alone, around 2,500 companies are up for succession every year. The joint research project “Innovative learning and communication concepts for company succession” (LUKU) from the Institute for Entrepreneurship, Mid-tier and Family companies (EMF), the Berlin University of Economics and Law (HWR) and the Marketing Communication department at the design akademie berlin intends to increase awareness of the topic of company succession among the public and with companies affected. This project, led by Prof. Dr. Birgit Felden, is funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Berlin Senate Administration for Economy, Technology and Research (SenWTF).

Project description: 

Within the framework of this project, researchers from the EMF Institute at the Berlin University for Economy and Law (HWR) and students from the design akademie berlin and SRH University for Communication and Design will collaboration to design and develop innovative and challenging media on the topic of company succession and will publish this via a number of channels. The term “media” is a broad concept here (wikis, web presences, films, short spots, print motifs, campaign strategies, claims, and many more) and should enrich the topic of company succession, which has often been communicated less innovatively, by means of creative design employing all currently available techniques. Many Berlin partners have been involved in this project. These include the Berlin Initiative for Company Succession (comprising the Berlin chambers HWK and IHK, as well as the Berliner Bank, Berliner Sparkasse and Berliner Volksbank) as well as several regional KMUs from different industries.

The aim of this project is to discover findings as to whether