Studying without financial burden

The Generation Contract with Brain Capital helps students with low financial background

New partnership with Brain Capital

Study first and pay later: Brain Capital was founded in 2005 at the WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management. Today, Brain Capital is one of the largest providers of education funds.

Repayments by alumni to the education fund enable the subsequent generation of students to complete their studies through a "Reverse Generational Contract (UGV)". The funding applies to the repayment of tuition and is independent of the income of the parents. Financial collateral or guarantees are not required.

The repayment to SRH Hochschule Berlin Fond is flexible and only begins with a career start and an agreed minimum income. The repayments are compatible with a career break, funding shortages or starting a family.

During and after graduation, Brain Capital supports students through career coaching.

Application for the Reverse Generational Contract with Curriculum Vitae, A-levels and Bachelor's Degrees, other credentials for academic or professional achievements as well as the place of university admission.

Further information can be found on the website of the education fund of SRH Hochschule Berlin.