Advertising Ugly – The absolute worst in advertising and communication

Workshop & Lecture
Thursday, 17.01.2019
4 pm,
design akademie berlin

Advertising Ugly – Workshop & Lecture on bad advertising

In an open format, lecturers, students, alumni and friends of the design academy berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design will be presenting the worst from advertising on Thursday, January 17, starting at 4 pm at the university.

Welcome are posters, spots, lousy headlines, simple visuals, incomprehensible image text context, etc.

The best presentation of the least qualified advertisement will be rewarded with a little surprise (#advertisingugly #greentongue).
Why this? The idea is to be able to learn from the bad and the wrong.

Usually, the advertising focus on the beautiful and often trivial.
We take a look at what we think is wrong, in order to understand it popularly and make it better.

Be ugly, be part of it!