"We want to encourage people to do something about the spread of hate out of their own initiative," says Mark Cichon, a 3rd semester Master's student of the BA in Marketing Communication programme.

MA students in Strategic Design and Marketing Communication at the design akademie berlin are involved in a new project against hate speech as part of the "P2P: Facebook Global Digital Challenge".

The aim of the "Don't Be Silent Berlin" project is to gain a voice and draw attention to the problem of hate speech, which has become a very common problem on social media. It seems social networks cannot deal with the volume of hate speech and thus its prevalance continues to rise.

However, the project should achieve much more, as Jessica Müller, one of the minds behind the project, tells us: "We not only want to sensitize the public to the topic, but also to shake up the classic "bystanders". In other words, the people who are aware of the problem but still do not find the courage to stand up and do something about it. With "Don't Be Silent Berlin" we want to encourage people in Berlin to speak up for the right cause. We need more counter-speech and less hate speech."

From surveys and interviews to guerrilla campaigns and social experiments, the students of the design akademie berlin have already completed a lot of work and have a lot more planned. "We hope that our actions will be heard! For this we need the support of everyone and invite everyone to take a look at our project and of course to actively participate", explains Prof. Katrin Androschin, project manager at the design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design.



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