20.02. (DIS)ORDER - A Photography Vernissage

This exhibition presents picture series and individual works of the students of the 5th semester in the BA in Photography.

(DIS)ORDER: Exhibition of BA in Photography students of the design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design.

Opening: Tuesday, February 20th, 2018, 19.00
Exhibition: February 21st to February 23rd, 2018, 10.00 -17.00, admission is free.

Location: design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design, Aufbau Haus am Moritzplatz, Prinzenstr. 84.1 (development building), 10969 Berlin, Foyer 1st floor.

The exhibition shows thematic picture series and individual works by students of photography at the design akademie berlin, products of work during seminar classes with Prof. Sebastian Denz, "Conceptual Photography", and Franziska Ritter & Tobias Kunz, "Exhibition Design".

In their works, students deal with the tension between "order" and "disorder" both photographically and spatially. Eight works on display deal with questions of (dis)balance between real and virtual worlds, perception of others and self, (dis)deception, simultaneity and timelessness, spaces and superficialities.

Students: Adrian Abel, Max Fortmüller, Dorothea Halbig, Leonie Kircher, Alexandra Meister, Gabriela Morales Gonzalez, Dominik H. Müller, Evran Öztürk

The eight works at a glance:

In his work "DER MENSCH ZWISCHEN HARMONIE UND CHAOS" Max Fortmüller confronts himself with his innermost self. His self-portraits reflect the perception of emotions and invite the viewer to reflect with his own and foreign views.

In her work "ZERRÜTTTET", Dorothea Halbig deals with the topic of self-perception and external perception with a focus on the fragility of identity. Her photo-dynamic works take up the topic of the transience of bodies.

Based on the Mexican proverb "Enmascarados" Gabriela Morales Gonzalez shows a series of people with different masks of the same name. Are people in masks, who cover their faces and initially avoid direct vision, ultimately more undisguised?

In the photo series "WARM UP", Alexandra Meister deals with adolescence in a sporting context and investigates the field of tension between "Order" and "Disorder". Is the young person disciplined on the one hand or does this have a disturbing influence on his development into an independent individual on the other?

Against the background of increasing digitalization and virtualization, Adrian Abel investigates the dystopian potential of utopian digital worlds in his work "TAKE CARE OF YOUR MIND!" Will the digital world, to which we assign a utopian "everything is possible and better", become superior at the end of the real, tangible world?

Through the daily social media confrontation in an apparently enlightened world full of acceptance and tolerance, Dominik H. Müller's photo series "SUPERFICIALITY" questions the supposed "social". Through his series of social "borderline cases", the viewer is invited to reflect on his own superficiality and his established ideal images.

Evran Öztürk takes up the question of to what extent there is order in the supposed chaos. His series "CHAOS IN ORDNUNG" shows stroboscopic photographs of jugglers and their tools of performance in action. The tension between an apparently chaotic state and highly precise sequences of movements becomes visible, leading to unusual movement sculptures.

"HOW NOW IS SOON? by Leonie Kircher plays with the temporal cancellation of the room's order and the visitors' expectations of an exhibition. In her work, subsequent rooms that are actually removed from view through corners are visualised and photographed. The "Now" and the "Soon" can be experienced at the same time, the space order canceled.