07.03.2018 | 19.00: Understanding, Enduring or Changing the World through Play

Modern societies and companies are subject to a constant process of change. For many people this seems increasingly insecure, complex and ambiguous.

The economic solutions and optimization approaches of Homo economicus seem to have reached their limits. Creative and innovative approaches to conflict resolution can be developed through a playful meta-level. Maybe it's time to get more involved with the homo ludens, the gambler. That is what we will do this evening, in theory and practice.

Lecture and discussion with Jens Junge.

If almost everything is a game, then it is time to deal with this basic phenomenon more intensively. Since the development of language of Homo sapiens, the Homo ludens exists in each of us, sometimes to a greater, sometimes to a lesser extent. If we as humans are not playing board or card games, computer or mobile games, then we are often playing musical instruments, in the theatre or sports. Our culture and society needs games and games
shape our culture and society. How do you invent games?

Christwart Conrad explains: "Board games: Inventing for the game market - basics for game inventors"

After the conversation about the phenomenon of playing, you may also play afterwards. Voluntarily, of course. Otherwise games are no fun. If you like, you can bring your favourite game. But we will also provide exciting board games.