Future Trends

Future Trends is a book that summarizes the results of the trend analysis carried out in the "Future Communications" module.

The Future of Advertising

Hardly any other industry takes on current and future social, economic, cultural and technical developments as quickly as the communication and media industries.  Competitiveness and visibility in the "noise" of information and adaptation to changing media usage habits require efficient strategies of modern market communications. Advertising is anything but popular and is increasingly being called into question by large sections of society. Furthermore, the ubiquity of individualized information offers (e.g. in social media) makes it more difficult to reach desired communication recipients, especially by using conventional advertising strategies.

The advertising industry in particular is characterised by a high degree of changeability. Advertising messages are ever-present and, above all, traditional advertising is increasingly showing less success. In the strategic planning of communication campaigns, it is important to aim for trendsetting and innovative ways to see results. Marketing communication must prepare for the future.

Trends or Megatrends

In recent years, many trends have shaped and changed society. Trend researchers try to describe these changes and trends in all areas of society and summarize them and label them as trends or megatrends. Trends, and above all, megatrends have the ambition to change the world - slowly but fundamentally.  

The students of the Master's programme in Marketing Communications at the design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design have set themselves the ambitious goal of helping to shape the future. The result is a book, Advertising Futures. It was designed as part of the "Future Communications" module and completed under the supervision of Prof. Markus Wente. The book contains 14 essays dealing with the question of which trends and megatrends will shape and change marketing communications in the future. Megatrends such as health, the gender shift, connectivity and the Silver Society are first presented and then discussed in the context of the future of marketing communications. Not only megatrends but also trends derived from megatrends (so-called subtrends) are interpreted in various essays. Examples of these subtrends are zero waste, open innovation, the sharing economy and smart clothes.

The book, Advertising Futures, takes a look at the future challenges and perspectives of marketing communications and, at the same time, proposes solutions.

MA in Marketing Communications

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Advertising Futures - Introduction

Advertising Futures - Einleitung