Success at the GWA Junior Agency Award

Students of marketing communication and communication design win several prizes at the GWA Junior Agency Award on June 29th in Stuttgart.

Silver Award, Audience Award and Award for the best "Making of" Video

Together with the Berlin agency, Heimat, 15 students from the Bachelor's and Master's study programmes of Marketing Communication and Communication Design, headed by Prof. Bettina Borchardt and Prof. Ralf Kemmer, developed a concept for the online pharmacy, Doc Morris. The team of the design akademie berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design won not only the silver award but also the audience award and the prize for the best "making of" Video.

About the GWA Junior Agency Award

Since 2002, for one semester each, marketing and design students from various universities have been working on communication concepts together with industry partners and in cooperation with advertising agencies. The advertising agencies serve as coaches for the teams. Participating students go through all phases of the conception process. From research to strategic planning, from brainstorming of creative implementation to a 25-minute pitch on the day of the Junior Agency Award. The jury, consisting of agency managers, marketing experts and journalists, evaluates the presentations and awards the coveted gold, silver and bronze prizes, as well as, the audience prize and the prize for the best "making of" video. The "real world" conditions under which the GWA Junior Agency Award takes place makes it Germany's most demanding university competition for marketing communications.

The team of the design akademie berlin

The successful team of the design akademie berlin:

  • 2nd semester of Marketing Communications: Caroline Kleine, Carmen Hackl, Lena Buchbauer, Moritz Göge, Johannes Zabel, Robert Odoaker
  • 5th semester of Marketing Communications: Julia Laggner, Stefan Neuendorf, Nikola Jovanovic, Alexander Frank
  • 6th semester of Marketing Communications: Manuel Görtler, Manuel Scheuble, Pol Decker
  • 6th semester of Communication Design: Elisabeth Kleinfeldt, Maximiliian Bankau

Congratulations on the win of the GWA Junior Agency Award!