M.A. Strategic Design goes Dutch

Strategic Design students visit Amsterdam for cooperation project with the Minor Global Trendwatching Hogeschool van Amsterdam.

As an inspiring extension of the existing course programme, all current M.A. Strategic Design students guided by Prof. Katrin Androschin and Prof. Julia Leihener, course directors of the M.A. Strategic Design of the Berlin School of Design and Communication, went on a study trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands. The initial goal was the cooperation with the Minor Global Trendwatching Hogeschool van Amsterdam and the exchange of methods and tools in the area of ​​trend and user research in the context of running innovation projects. The cultural diversity, the complementary expertise and the agile creative mindset of both study programmes proved to be a good basis for a fruitful collaboration. Here’s an overview of the extended MASD courses and goals: 

  • Intercultural Communication: Experience and try out communication tools in an international context. 

  • Social Innovation: Learn and carry out user research methods „Cultural Probes" in an interdisciplinary student environment. Experience an interactive experimental concept dinner by Mediamatic. ’The Beauty dinner’ in oder to immerse in the running innovation topic on ’natural cosmetics’.

  • Strategic Design Research: Learn and develop future trends and technology.

  • Industry Contact: Visit the renowned service design innovation agency STBY in Amsterdam.

In addition, the study trip encouraged sustainable team building within the course and enabled expert networking on a global level, as well as initiating an ERASMUS+ partnership. The collaboration will continue, as Prof. Vincent Albers and his international group of Global Trendwatching students is coming to Berlin again for a joint meet up (twitter.com/minortrends / facebook.com/globaltrendwatching).



The international programme ‘Master of Arts Strategic Design’ is a full-time, two year programme. It is designed to challenge students with a design background in order to prepare them for a life as design professionals in a complex and ever transforming world.

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