Minor Global Trendwatching

Students from Amsterdam and Berlin conducted a workshop about Minor Global Trendwatching


The M.A. Strategic Design students conducted an interactive knowledge exchange workshop with students of Hogeschool van Amsterdam in Berlin as part of their 'Expertise II / Free Research II' course.

The program:

1) Intro: University & Context
2) Networking Warm Up: Future Vision Paper Plane Contest
3) Trend Canvas Sharing / Generation Z / Q & A
4) Free Research: Travel Cultural Probes Input & Testing
5) Wrap Up


Prof. Julia Leihener / Professor & Coordinator M.A. Strategic Design, Berlin
Vincent Albers / Coordinator minor global Trendwatching
Ron van der Wal / coordinator of minor global Trendwatching


Students Minor Global Trend Watching, Amsterdam & M.A. Strategic Design, second semester