Study in Berlin as an exchange student!

Study Abroad with Erasmus

Here we provide you with information about your successful studies abroad.

How long can I study abroad? When?

For Bachelor's students, the 2nd year is the ideal period for a stay abroad. In some cases, the 3rd year of study may also be an option. Master's students should discuss with the head of their degree programme. If you don't want to spend an entire semester abroad, a Summer or Winter School is a great opportunity for you.

If you would like to study abroad for two semesters, please note:

2-semester stays are not always possible - it depends the regulations we have with our partner university. With our assistance, please check whether your chosen university offers a 2-semester stay.
You should start your exchange abroad in the winter semester as your stay must complete the exchange within the same academic year. If you start your stay in the summer semester, this  may not be possible.

Which universities can I study at?

Basically, you can study at any university worldwide. However, we strongly recommend that you choose one of our partner universities for your adventure abroad. Why? Because it will saves you money, time, and effort. We cooperate with many universities in and outside of Europe. Foreign students benefit from these partnerships in many ways.

One of the advantages: SRH students do not have to pay tuition fees to the partner universities (except summer school). Since the majority of our European partners are members of the ERASMUS+ programme, you can qualify for an ERASMUS+ scholarship if you are studying abroad at a participating university.

More questions

For all questions, such as visa, health insurance, financing, forms etc. simply write us an e-mail or call us for a personal consultation: 030 - 61 65 48-0. We will be pleased to help you.