Study in confidence at the design akademie berlin

Guaranteeing officially recognised qualifications

We teach communication as a ongoing challenge of combining today and tomorrow.
Visionary projects enable future-focussed thinking, action and design. We observe the changes in perceptions and the acceleration of communication processes against a background of socio-economic and technological opportunities. We’re designing the media use of tomorrow, today.

More input, more practice, more opportunities, more hours, more breadth and subjects, more skills.
We teach using professional technology and software at current agency standards. We teach lighting techniques, photography, film and AV media, video and cutting techniques in recording studios. In our model-making studio, we develop form studies digitally ans as real proportion studies for packaging and space design.

Strategy meets design - we teach communication as a complex strategic process.
We combine strategic knowledge of marketing communication with design-based opportunities of communication design using all communicative channels and disciplines. We hone students’ perception of social, economic and cultural contexts and go far beyond the traditional syllabus.

We motivate.
We discover, respect and encourage the potential of each individual student. We impart specialist, social and creative skills through ongoing feedback processes and individual support. One of our main aims is to support critical self-reflection.

We teach communication as a creative core skill.
The course is aimed at the current demands of professional practice in assignment-related communication. The basis for this is a scientifically-orientated qualification. We look at the constantly growing demands on graduates in the professional world. We promote creativity and the drive to experiment in order to keep up with the rapid shift in communication conditions.

 Our teachers are highly trained professors and lecturers from agencies, publishing houses, science, research and creative industries, working in close collaboration with one another. Practice and projects are combined in teaching. This concept of study reflects our understanding of teaching.