Bauhaus Summer School 2019 - Visual Solutions! - Bauhaus, design basics and innovative design today - collage, drawing and painting


The course deals with visual and technical possibilities of design - from the Bauhaus to today.

In addition to an introduction to the movement and significance of the Bauhaus, we work on elementary principles of design such as composition, rhythm, balance, contrast, color, form and texture.

In doing so, we directly include topics from Bauhaus teaching and place them in the context of contemporary communication design.
We design posters and free work in collage style and work experimentally and analytically with different materials (colored papers, photo copies, various drawing material, stencils, acylic color etc.).

The course is flanked by lectures and excursions (Museum, Berlin Graphic Studio) and examples from the field of graphic design and illustration.
The course concludes with a presentation of the resulting work.

Franziska Goes is a berlin based artist working in the field of abstract painting.
She studied at the UdK Berlin and has exhibited internationally.
Her work is represented in numerous public and private collections. In 2013 she was nominated for the Berlin Art Prize.

She is teaching Design Basics, Contemporary Graphic Design and Abstract Painting at the Design Akademie Berlin and
Bauhaus Summer School Weimar, Bauhaus University.

Medium of instruction: English
Tuition: 690€
Excursion: 17.08.2019 (One day excursion to Dessau)
Additional cost for the trip to Dessau: 135€ (no meals included)

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