M.A. Strategic Design − Newcomer transitions | Pascal Faro

Strengthening the journey for refugees from education to work

Master Thesis by Pascal Faro.

Germany took in over one million newcomers from 2015-2016. With this new abundance of people entering the country, flaws in processing integration were beginning to emerge. Civic society quickly realized that they would have to step up. This gave birth to the digital refugee community, which found its base in Berlin. To understand how to simplify the journey for newcomers from digital education to the labor market, a human-centered approach was needed to assist individuals through this complex journey.

Key insights were gathered using a variety of methods. Personal interviews were conducted with both newcomers seeking employment and with those who were successfully hired. Conversations with policy makers and experts working in the educational sector of social innovation supplemented these interviews. In addition, stakeholders took part in a variety of digital integration workshops that illuminated the reality of the transition process. Teaching an introductory course in graphic design at ReDI School provided one-on-one experience, forming a more nuanced, holistic perspective.

From here, the beginning stages of a platform to benefit newcomers and connect them with local professionals was formed. A diversity of approaches is still needed to connect NGO efforts with government agencies. Devising common strategy guidelines is an essential next step. As global issues persist, communication solutions for this particular demographic is in Germany’s best interest.

What was the most interesting and enriching experience during your studies in the Master Strategic Design programme at the design akademie berlin?

“The MASD program showed me how to professionally approach intricate problems as a designer;
not only with the right tools but also the right mindset.”