Rethinking design from the perspective of a social designer

The Beirut workshop of Urban Design in September 2019 at alba, Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts

Challenging the current design system through interdisciplinary perspectives

Workshop 2019 Beirut

Redesigning the real and the digital world

The Berlin workshop on Monuments in the public space in July 2019

Social Design | Master of Arts | Berlin

Improving the world through design

The Social Design program in Berlin is an innovative master's program dedicated to improving the world through design. It focuses on building bridges between people, cultures and disciplines by creating intelligent, sustainable and healthy living conditions.

Your studies | M.A. Social Design

Our goal is to bring about eco-social change through design. We are open to people with different academic backgrounds. We want to challenge the current design system and rethink design from the perspective of a social and planetary state of emergency. We aim to redesign the real and the digital world. Our overriding goals are fairness, transparency and sustainability.

The Master's program in Social Design offers the unique opportunity to study in Berlin at an internationally recognized university for design, the SRH School of Design and Communication. We have challenged the current design system in recent years by exploring and shifting boundaries in interdisciplinary academic research projects. The common experiences in projects in the context of socially engaged art, sustainable fashion, urban design, civil society and critical design thinking shape the course as much as the scientific positioning in the field of critical theory.

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Your career perspective | M.A. Social Design

The programme is open to people from all academic backgrounds such as art, design, humanities, social sciences and economics. As graduates, they work in established and new design professions in the constantly evolving design industry. They are social innovators and work as art directors, designers, consultants, project managers, web developers, change managers or curators for companies and institutions. The Master's program prepares students for a PhD-programme that opens the way for academic careers in teaching and research.

Our approach | M.A. Social Design

The Master's programme thus combines a scientific approach, an art- and design-oriented interdisciplinary approach and a project-oriented programme approach. After graduation, students will be able to develop eco-efficient processes, real and digital environments, cultural formats, products and services. The methodology, project management and research methods such as Design Thinking or System Thinking train them to design products, services, places, processes, interactive applications and cross-media communication. The program provides students with methodical tools and critical approaches to integrate innovative, sustainable design into complex project environments.