Rethinking design from the perspective of a social designer

The Beirut workshop of Urban Design in September 2019 at alba, Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts

Challenging the current design system through interdisciplinary perspectives

Workshop 2019 Beirut

Redesigning the real and the digital world

The Berlin workshop on Monuments in the public space in July 2019

Social Design and Sustainable Innovation | Master of Arts | Berlin

Creating sustainable Futures through Design

Are you creative and ready to embrace a design practice that tackles socio-economic and environmental challenges?

M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation at the Berlin School of Design and Communication (formerly known as design akademie berlin) is a future- and sustainability-oriented program that allows you to bring together your ethical values and professional aspirations.

The Master programme actively collaborates on real world projects offering hands-on experience, in addition to applied design education and Social Design theory classes. No matter if you are a practicing designer, a recent graduate or coming from humanities, the M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation is open to anyone with an undergraduate degree and curiosity for design that contributes to eco-social transformation. Building bridges between people, cultures and disciplines the M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation is an exciting chance to advance your design skills, adopt important methodologies like Design Thinking, understand social issues and conceive resilient futures.

YOUR STUDIES | M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation

The M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation is a unique programme where you can:

ADVANCE YOUR DESIGN SKILLS – Throughout the programme you are introduced to different media: Photography, Film-Making, Graphic Design, Editorial Design and Web Development. Depending on your prior knowledge you get to know the basics or can improve your abilities in all of these fields and get to focus on your media of choice in your final master project.

UNDERSTAND THE SOCIAL – In the theory classes you get to read about, raise and discuss fundamental social and philosophical questions such as: Why does inequality exist? What is power? Why should we decolonize design? What does the concept of Gender entail? But while we believe that doing some reading and discussing is important, the M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation offers more than just that: the real challenge is to apply such insights to your design research and practice. How can society become ecologically, economically and socially sustainable through design?

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN INTERDISCIPLINARY PROJECTS – Each semester you get to immerse yourself in Social Design projects. They are taught by leading experts, design activists and practitioners working with local communities. Through the course of two years you get to explore Social Design and Sustainable Innovation by working on interdisciplinary projects in areas of Civil Society, Health Design, Sustainable Fashion, Digital Innovation, Art and Public Space. Doing so, you integrate innovative and sustainable design into complex project environments. As a student you get to simultaneously learn the practical skills while developing your own way of creating inclusive design, embracing social matters that are important to you and contemporary society.

KNOW DESIGN METHODS AND PROCEDURES – Today’s Social Designer needs to know how to choose and implement adequate design research methods, tools and processes. Throughout the program special emphasis is put on designing with people and communities. Amongst others you learn Design Thinking methods and tools. The curriculum encompasses widely used and successful marketing communication and campaign development methods. It also introduces critical and future-oriented speculative design. The range of methodologies informs your design outputs: publications, experiences, services, places, processes, interactive applications and cross-media communication.

GET PRACTISE EXPERIENCE – Encompassing several real world projects, this Master programme provides you with the hands-on experience and practical knowledge you need to confidently enter the professional world afterwards. Working with corporate and public entities on real design problems, having to present your ideas and results and closely interacting with clients teaches you more than any classroom lecture ever will. Previously the Berlin School of Design and Communication has cooperated on student projects with the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, the Venice Biennale, the Al-Yasmine refugee camp in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon, the Berlin Senate, Syspons consultancy and many others. Planning, presenting and implementing your design in a team develops your personal process management and collaborative abilities.

PARTICIPATE IN INTERCULTURAL EXCHANGE – The M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation invites students from all fields of studies and any place in the world to join. This approach creates an enriching experience allowing students to learn from one another and boost innovation and brave design. The Berlin School of Design and Communication is located in the heart of Berlin, the cosmopolitan capital with an abundant cultural and artists life adding to the cross-cultural learning experience. The school is also engaged in a partnership with the Lebanese Academy of fine Arts (ALBA) and is determined to offer the M.A. Social Design students opportunities to do short term studies and workshops in Beirut as well as welcome the Lebanese students in Berlin.

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YOUR CAREER PERSPECTIVE | M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation

Social Design and Sustainable Innovation is a progressive and innovative study programme that provides participants with the knowledge, tools and methods to professionally advance eco-social transformation. Social Design can make a significant difference in cultural and business organization, leading to social and digital innovations.

The professional skills are derived from mastering the respective design disciplines paired with design methodologies and profound knowledge on social matters.

Graduates open up traditional and new design professions with an extended and scientifically sound design, thinking and action approach any company or institution will need in the future.
They work as art directors, designers, sustainability officers, consultants for public and private entities, community managers, web developers, campaigners, change managers, curators for companies and institutions. The master's degree prepares students for a doctoral or PhD degree program, which opens the way to academic careers in teaching and research.

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APPLICATION AND ADMISSION | M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation

The Master programme in Social Design and Sustainable Innovation is open to graduates of all disciplines. The admission requirement is a completed first degree.

If you are interested in M.A. Social Design and Sustainable Innovation or have any questions regarding the course please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Applicants will also go through a selection procedure. Your application should include the following documents:

• Copy of your Bachelor’s degree and your Academic Transcript

• Your CV

• Letter of motivation

• 2-3 creative works on the theme "Why change?“, which can be submitted as film(s), text(s), photo(s), illustration(s) or any other creative form of expression.



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