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Studying at the Berlin School of Communication and Design and the Berlin School of Popular Arts you get to benefit from the interdisciplinary environment of the school with professors and students from various fields of film and motion, visual arts and design. Both schools lie in the heart of Berlin which is not only where movies are shot, series produced and big production companies born. It is also the place for artists, performers and producers to mingle. You can dive into the capital’s vast cultural life with theatres, galleries, arthouse cinemas and more, while advancing your own ambitions as author, producer, editor or director in the local and international Film and Television industry.
The programme M.A. Film, Televison and digitale Narratives focuses on the fields of screenwriting, directing and production. You acquire a broad knowledge on each of the core focuses of the programme and of the process of film production before you choose one of the three core focuses as your own field of specialization in the second semester. In collaborative and integrative production processes which are part of the curriculum, you work together with other students who have picked a different field of specialization. As the film industry depends on close coordination of different professions, this collaborative experience is essential to prepare you for the professional life that will follow. In the course of two years you learn to write, direct, produce or post-produce different formats such as short films, TV series and features, feature films, TV shows, web series and documentary films.

You furthermore learn to analyze and discuss the history and theory of Film and TV with a focus on audiovisual film analysis. The cooperation with production companies and TV stations as well as (international) excursions to festivals extend and deepen your learning experiences from the practice and theory-oriented curriculum. The study programme promotes both artistic films and film as entertainment, while encouraging the development of your very own artistic and professional personality. With these qualities the course of study is equally artistic and industry oriented.

The programme is non-consecutive. It provides an opportunity to national and international students with a background in social sciences, humanities or the arts to acquire professional skills in the field of film and television. If you come with prior academic and practical knowledge in the respected field, you can refresh and deepen your understanding and skills in one of the core subjects and advance your academic profile according to your interest or current market requirements.

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