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Frequently asked questions

Prof. Gabor Kovacs

The vice dean of design and academic leader in web development and his colleagues answer FAQs about the BA in Web Development

Dual Studies | How to apply?

First, we recommend applying to the university. We will check your university entrance qualification and other qualifications. At this point, it is also possible to consider performances at other universities. If successful, the applicant will receive a guaranteed space to study.

The application for the dual studies model is identical to the application for the full time BA in web development. An application can be made at any time, and it is also possible to acquire a last-minute start via the waiting list procedure.

Students generally start in full time study and then, after 2-3 semesters, having acquired sufficient knowledge, are able to switch effortlessly to the dual studies model with partner companies.

It is also possible to begin dual studies if you have sufficient prior knowledge (e.g. education or work experience). In this case, it is recommended that you apply to the university and then the partner company 6-12 months in advance.


What precisely do web developers and full stack developers do?

Our media landscape and our digital products such as apps, software and services are becoming increasingly complex and require a interdisciplinary development approach in order to be successful on the market. As a result, the demands made of development teams have increased enormously.

Today, professional web developers must be competent in many disciplines, such as coding, interaction design, user experience design, but also be able to use method knowledge such as design thinking, requirement analysis, software architecture, project management and test concepts. This includes sound knowledge of one of several web-specific programming languages.

Job opportunities as a web developer

Web developers are very in demand on the German and European job market and have good to very good earning opportunities regardless of qualification.

As well as web developers, designations as web engineers, full stack developers or web programmers or front and backend developers are also common.


Recognised course of study Recognise qualification

Yes - the BA course of study in Web development at the design akademie berlin, SRH University for Communication and Design is currently the only course of study which is programme-accredited, as well as nationally and internationally recognised as a fundamental course of study with the academic degree Bachelor of Arts in Germany under the authority of the German Accreditation Board (see www.hochschulkompass.de). Depending on the course of studies, 6 or 7 semesters, you will receive 180 ECTS or 210 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System), which will allow you to progress to a master’s course throughout Europe, or a good job with an academic degree.

I already have experience, training or have already begun another course of study. Can I join late?

Yes - within the framework of the Berlin Higher Education Act, externally received achievements and qualifications are recognised as part of an individual assessment with up to 90 ECTS points (entry up to 3rd semester).

For more information, please contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How does it differ to media informatics?

The BA course of study in web development takes a third of its content from the field of informatics/media informatics. Here, however, the focus is on application-orientated, interdisciplinary use of web technologies. We design for people and their needs.

What is new and unique, however, is the combination with creative, designer content at our university. Especially the user-orientated designs of interactive media, which present, together with the combination with film, motion design, communication and the strategic, planning aspect, sections of this course of study.

Requirements for this course of study?

In general, we require a university entrance qualification, such as Abitur or Matura, the general technical college entrance qualification or proof of professional qualification/experience in accordance with Section 11 of the Berlin Higher Education Act. Relevant professional training with professional experience also qualify you for study.

You should also be able to think logically and strategically, enjoy working in teams, speak good English and be able to show an affinity for the digital world in your application. Above all, however, you have to enjoy developing, new, innovative ideas. 

How do I learn and from whom?

On each course, we are able to work together with real practical partners to develop exciting and current topics for study. Collaborative learning in small groups (generally 5-15 students) is at the heart of our teaching.

At the moment, the ever-growing team is composed of 8 professors and doctors and a great number of specialised lecturers from different disciplines. This includes, computer scientists, commercial computer scientists, project managers, communications designers, web developers, games developers and communications scientists. We also invite external experts to contribute new and exciting themes.

Can I view the university before applying?

Yes - we recommend that all interested applications get to know our university and our teaching. To this end, we offer ongoingtrial study days, workshops,fairs or ouropen hour events.

Are scholarships available?

Yes - we offer regular scholarships for the summer and winter semesters. Current information and services can be found here.

How can I apply?

You can apply at any time and receive a study place guarantee once your documents have been evaluated. The course of study begins in the winter semester and summer semester. You can find all information here.


Who can answer my questions?

All further questions will be answered by our study guidance officer, Ms Astrid Matten or the academic leader Prof. Gabor Kovacs (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).