B.A. Development | Digital Products + Services

Design, IoT, coding and software engineering of sustainable IT solutions.

BA Web developers redesign golem.de
2Nd semester Content management + web typography To golem.de

BA In the 3rd semester, web developers develop personal guidance system in the accident hospital in Berlin To Projekt

BA Together with health psychologists, web develops develop a portal for postnatal depression

The only programme-accredited course in B.A. Development | Digital Products + Services in Germany, which grants a BA qualification, and provides you with diverse opportunities in the job market as a sought-after developer, UX/UI designer or strategist. The course combines sustainable media informatics, design, people and society.

Your studies

The B.A. in Development of Digital Products + Services is practice-focussed and business-aware. You will learn about project coordination, by working in teams with designers, copywriters and marketing experts, advising customers, creating concepts, as well as, implementing them. During the course of studies, students will work on assignments for international customers, which we see as the ideal preparation for entry into the global job market.

During the internationally recognised B.A. in Development of Digital Products + Services, you will receive training as an interaction designer, web develop and conceptioner - with a single qualification. We will provide you with an understanding of social media, content engineering, script languages, software architecture and usability aspects. This forms a solid foundation for the targeted conception, development and visual design of apps, professional applications and online services, to operating systems, virtual spaces and games. The complexity and variety of the projects will provide you with constantly new challenges and encourage your skills to quickly change perspectives. By working on current projects for business clients, you will be quick to establish valuable contacts at notable agencies and companies - from startups to global groups - and your entry into the international job market will be made easy.

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Your career prospects

Graduates of the BA in Development of Digital Products + Services are experts in conceptualisation, visual design and developing interactive products and services. You have excellent career opportunities in media agencies, medium-size and international companies, for example, as a software developer, advisor, game designer or app developer.

The internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts (BA) offers a professional foundation for immediate career progression. You will also be able to access numerous postgraduate and Master’s programmes both in Germany and abroad.


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Your application

You can apply in writing or online. In order to provide us with a clear image of your existing knowledge, please fill out a digital portfolio with 3 to 4 pieces of your own work (e.g. Photoshop, idea sketches, web designs, your own websites) in the area of new media. You can upload the portfolio together with your application and send it to us, or bring it with you to your personal admissions interview.

All questions regarding the course should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or to the academic leader of the program, Prof. Gabor Kovacs, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The official application deadline for the winter semester is 30 July and 30 January for the summer semester of the same year. Once the deadline has passed, you can still apply for free study places via the waiting list. Please note the application checklist.

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