Bachelor of Arts


Information is designed, documented and staged, and in doing so interpreted, by means of analogue and digital image capturing techniques, as well as computer generated imagery (CGI). Specific practical skills will be taught at a professional level in an atmosphere that encompasses experimental research and project-based editing. The aim of the degree is to give the student the ability to develop their own artistic position in the field of photography.

Photographic design is taught in the context of other creative disciplines and will be applied to the related fields of graphics, typography, layout, film, video, online interactive design and site-specific installation.

Career profile

Editorial photography 

Portraits, people, fashion, reportage, food, landscape, travel, transportation, architecture, industry, still life


Commercial and product photography

Advertising photography, people, portraits, fashion, beauty, still life photography, food, industry, travel, transportation and cars, computer generated imagery (CGI)


Photojournalism and Documentary

Reportage and and social documentation, travel photography, theatre and stage photography, assignment and press photography, photo editing, street photography


Artistic photography

Conceptual photography which is not client-based, staged photography, special forms of photography and printing techniques, 3D photography, 360° x 180° panorama photography, interactive guided tours, new media, multimedia art

Brochure Bachelor of Arts Photography


For questions regarding the content of the Bachelor of Arts in Photography, or to apply, please contact Professor Sebastian Denz directly, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Student Advisory Service.