Marketing communication | Bachelor of Arts (GER)

Focus points advertising, consumer psychology, non-profit and socio-marketing

The first semester of the Bachelor’s course in marketing communication is the same for all students. From the second semester onwards, you will then focus on advertising, consumer psychology or non-profit and socio-marketing.
The skills for each of these areas will be communicated both in the form of specific modules and module examinations and in cooperation with practical partners. 
The official application deadline for the winter semester is 1 September and for 1 March for the summer semester. Once the deadline has passed, you can still apply for free study places. You can find everything you need to know about applications here.

Advertising (BA Marketing communication)

"Unless your campaign contains a Big Idea, it will pass like a ship in the night."
David Ogilvy

Developing campaigns. Proceeding strategically, getting creative. Discerning the message of various phenomena. Using words and images consciously and appropriately. Implementing ideas, convincing customers. Or rethinking everything in a new and different way.

Does this appeal to you?
Then this Bachelor’s Advertising course is the one for you (BA Marketing communication).

Convincing communication strategies use current media, economic, cultural and technological developments to design, plan and successfully implement effective advertising campaigns.

You will be dealing with the increasing digitisation of communication, analysing markets and designing creative concepts for companies, brands and products.

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Consumer psychology (BA Marketing communication)

"Good marketers see consumers as complete human beings with all the dimensions real people have."
– Jonah Sachs

Understanding and optimising perception processes. Researching customer motivation and behaviour. Positioning brands and products effectively.

Does this appeal to you?
Then this Bachelor’s course in consumer psychology is the one for you (BA Marketing communication).
Societies and the people who live in them are constantly changing. Attitudes and values create different preferences towards media and product ranges.

You will learn to understand the advertising psychology-related aspects of consumer behaviour. In our market research laboratory, you will research the attitudes of target groups to new offers and campaigns in order to execute communication in a targeted and effective manner.

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Non-profit and sociomarketing (BA Marketing communication)

"Why can't you sell brotherhood like you sell soap?"
– G.D. Wiebe

Understanding societal contexts.
Designing and planning non-profit campaigns.
Implementing marketing effectively for non-commercial purposes.

Does this appeal to you?
Then this Bachelor’s course in
Non-profit and sociomarketing (BA Marketing communication) is the one for you.

Today’s society faces enormous social and ecological challenges. Charitable non-profit and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as well as state institutions stand up for preventing undesirable developments or effecting a positive change for individuals or society at large.

You will design non-commercial and impact-orientated marketing concepts which are used in the context of growing challenges. You will learn to understand those involved in the process and their aims, in order to develop professional communication strategies.

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Your career prospects

The internationally recognised Bachelor of Arts (BA) offers a professional foundation for immediate career progression. You will also be able to access numerous postgraduate and Master’s programmes both at home and abroad.
Graduates have a wide range of career opportunities. They can work freelance or can be employees in advertising, PR, event, sponsoring and media agencies, for commercial enterprises, in the media and in social and cultural institutions.

The officially recognised design akademie berlin offers you the perfect environment in which to develop your skills in analysis, strategic planning and creative implementation. In the Aufbau Haus, you can establish valuable contacts for your future during the course of your studies. Professors at design akademie berlin will provide you with the theoretical foundation, external lecturers from the communication industry will bring the world of work into the classroom.

Collaborative work, including with students from other disciplines, promotes teamwork and interdisciplinary thinking. You will acquire experience in presentations and professional appearance. Many projects are implemented for clients from the business world - a perfect way to prepare you for entry into work.


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Your application

You can apply in writing or online and will participate in a two-stage selection process. In order to provide a clearer image of your existing knowledge, please fill out the written admission test. During the second stage, we will then invite you to a personal interview.

Current practical projects

GWA Junior Agency Award 2016 design akademie berlin

Supervised by notable agencies, student teams from across Germany competed against one another with communication solutions and campaigns. To the project

Campaign development for designer furniture

Students in their second specialist semester in BA Marketing Communication are called upon by the director, Wilfried Lembert, to develop a campaign for a young target group. To the project

Internship presentations 5th Semester BA MC

It is a tradition at our university that students studying for a BA MC perform a presentation to their fellow students in the first weeks following the beginning of the semester, regarding where and how they completed their internship in the previous practical semester. To the project