Bachelor’s Degree Program

Film + Motion Design


The commercial motion picture industry today fuses live action, graphics and digital development done in post production.

A comprehensive understanding of the incorporation and application of the various stages of the production chain is therefore required throughout, from scriptwriting to directing and from cinematography through to post-production. The new B.A. Film + Motion Design takes these challenges into account, with its integrated developmental process.
The demand for creative motion picture content in the field of commercial communication is hugely increasing, particularly in the new types of narrative and form required for the internet.Die Nachfrage nach kreativen Bewegtbild-Inhalten im Bereich der Werbung und Auftragskommunikation wächst massiv, insbesondere für das Web werden neuartige Erzählinhalte und –formen verlangt.

Contact: For questions regarding the content of the degree programme Film + Motion Design, or to apply, please contact Professor Gilbert Beronneau directly, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the Student Advisory Service.

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"Allotment garden battle", project: Deutsche Oper Berlin, 5th semester / Audiovisual Communication


Educational objectives

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Prospects in the industry

The emphasis is on a combination of live action and motion design, which is strongly geared towards advertising and the commercial film industry. Graduates are capable of conceiving, planning and producing innovative storytelling forms both in established areas such as cinema commercials, television, the internet, corporate image films, music videos, trailers, and concept presentation films for companies, as well as in other spheres of audio/visual communication such as installations, interactive displays and cross-media design.

Job descriptions have become flexible: Directors need to consider graphics, writers need to bear logistics in mind, cinematographers need to be aware of motion design. A comprehensive understanding of the process of film production is essential, precisely due to the increased specialization in the industry. This degree qualifies you to work as a motion designer, director, creative producer, or animator. The course is project-oriented with close ties to the industry. It will give you access to media and full service agencies, film production companies, television stations, and companies’ audio/visual departments.

"The Game", winner of the Josef Umdasch research prize for innovation 6th semester / Integrated Com