“Die Kinder vom Moritzplatz” take over Instagram.

Students of design akademie berlin start social media campaign for the university.

The in-house agency "Die Kinder vom Moritzplatz", founded by students of the B.A. Communication Design and M.A. Marketing Communication, delivers exclusive stories and insights into life at the design akademie berlin for one month. The students goals defined under the direction of Monika Nielsson are clear: growth in followers and interaction.

How do the Kinder vom Moritzplatz do this?

"First, we want higher traffic postings. Theories about the infamous instagram algorithm range from assumptions such as "Better post one picture every hour" to "Only post on selected days, at appropriate target group-friendly times".

According to the students, what actually lies behind this is account specific and ultimately a subjective algorithmic interpretation, which can vary greatly from profile to profile. That's why the children from Moritzplatz rely on the mix of quantity AND quality! Quality means: Good content. 

But what makes good content? Here the students first want to understand the essence of the platform Instagram:

"People follow people (influencers, musicians, artists, etc.) because they are interested in the lives of the people concerned. The follow-ups of companies, labels and co. are usually very excited to stay up to date; in other words, they want to be as close to it as possible and be part of it."

For the contents of the communication channels of the university this means that the focus is on those who represent the house: the students, professors and the friendly faces around them! Good content is tailored, targeted and personal. 

The promise of the Kinder vom Moritzplatz:

"The campaign will symbiotically narrate the ubiquitous summer carelessness with the great results and works of our students and give everyone a contemporary insight into life at the design akademie berlin."

We are very much looking forward to it! 

Who we are

The Berlin School of Design and Communication (formerly design akademie berlin berlin, SRH Hochschule für Kommunikation und Design) is part of the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences, a private, state-recognized and accredited university in the heart of Berlin. The five schools of the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences combine modern management and entrepreneurship, media and creative industries, technology and IT, music and sound design in modern study programmes.

All schools focus on practice-oriented project work in small teams, freedom for individual learning, and personal supervision by lecturers from the field. In short: learning according to the CORE principle.

Profile. History. Numbers.

With six Bachelor's and three Master's programmes in marketing, advertising, web development, design and communication, the Berlin School of Design and Communication is a strong academic partner for the Berlin media and agency landscape.

In the spacious studios, open and creative spaces of the Berlin School of Design and Communication, everything revolves around encounters, communication and collaboration.
Located in the heart of Berlin Kreuzberg, the rooms offer the perfect setting for real projects with agencies, publishers, media companies and advertising clients.

It was founded in 2007 as a private university and is state-approved by the Berlin Senate Department for Education, Science and Research. Since 2013 it has been part of SRH Holding, a non-profit foundation based in Heidelberg.  Together with its predecessor institutions - design akademie berlin and Kommunikationsmanagement GmbH - the Berlin School of Design and Communication Design has a 25-year history with extensive educational and teaching experience in the fields of communication, marketing, advertising and design.
At present approx. 300 studying at the Berlin School of Design and Communication are registered, more than 4,000 graduates were trained at the university since its establishment 1995 or further.