Berlin Summer School 2017

Berlin Brand Experience, Berlin Street Photography, Sketching in Berlin und mehr.

Zwischen dem 14. August und 15. September in Berlin an unseren einwöchigen Kursen mit Topreferenten teilnehmen.

Dauer: 20h (in 3 oder 4 Tagen)
Kosten: 490€ (pro Kurs)

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Introduction to Design Thinking by Lance Wordel


What is Design Thinking and its principals to make it a mindset for innovation? What basic tools and methods are part of the process? Get to know the basics about Design Thinking at this 3 day interactive workshop (10.00 - 17.00 each day) and experience the human centered design approach first hand.

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Sketching in Berlin by Judith Carnaby


"Sketching in Berlin" gets out of the classroom to explore Berlin, both physically and graphically. Experimenting with different media and graphic techniques, we will explore how drawing can be.

Through observing people, recording the urban environment and re-imagining our explorations of the city, we will gain new perspectives on a city constantly in flux.

Innerhalb des Kurses "Sketching in Berlin" tauchen wir ein in die bunte und aufregende Stadt Berlin. Wir erforschen sie zeichnerisch, experimentieren mit unterschiedlichen Zeichentechniken und Werkzeugen und entdecken, wie wir einen Ort mit seiner Atmosphäre visuell kommunizieren
können. Durch exploratives Skizzieren von Menschen und unseren urbanen Umwelt schaffen
wir eine neue Perspektive auf eine Stadt, die ständig in Bewegung ist.

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Berlin in Film + Motion by Bernard Bettenhäuser und Daniel Scheimberg


‘Film and Motion Experience in Berlin’ a program for creative exploration of Berlin expressed through video and visual effects.

An insightful hands-on production, mixing live-action with digital motion graphics, to create an emotionally engaging short film.

We use high quality DSLR cameras, Adobe After Effects / Premiere, Avid Media Composer, and Davinci Resolve. We start out on the streets of Berlin and move on to the modern film-studios at the university campus of the DAB in Berlin-Kreuzberg, through-out the production, we examine modern media direction techniques, as well as film editing theory and Post-Production work-flow.

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Berlin Street & Fashion Photography by Gregor Hohenberg


This will be a hands on workshop with shooting sessions, individual assignments, daily group discussion and editing lessons:

Learn how to find the right location and equipment for stunning fashion pictures in the streets of Berlin. Improve your way of portraying people by mastering the relationship with the subject, being more confident and creating evocative and meaningful images with a great choreography in fashion. This workshop will also focus on how to best capture a portrait with natural light. You'll be expected to fully immerse yourself, take risks and push your boundaries in order to move forward into another level in your own photography.

Gregor Hohenberg is a professional and award winning fashion and celebrity photographer based in Berlin who works for Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Elle, GQ, Universal Records and Sony Records for more than 15 years.

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The Berlin Strobo Experience by Egbert Idler


Today, we are using innovative stroboscope flash technology, which offer corresponding control possibilities and can thus react to movement sequences and movement directions. We are able to electronically control the number, duration and start of the individual flash phases.

It creates exciting moments in the collaboration with dancers and choreo. This results in very unique image results. Overall, it is a very interactive designed workshop program that brings together movement artists and photographers.

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Berlin Brand Experience by Daniel Uppenbrock


"Dit is Berlin" says the Berliner when something unique happens in the capital. The city has been attracting people from all over the world for the last couple of years. Berlin seems to have an enormous radiance, perhaps due to its young history, which has left a city that could be formed and reinvented. Berlin was left to the artists and visionaries, just before economic interests became increasingly popular. Today, Berlin is exactly in between these poles, which creates the charm of this city: artistic and commercial.

Berlin is a driver and a multiplier for trends: what takes place in Berlin is cool - and becomes a benchmark for the Bundesrepublik and beyond. Brands also identify this exceptional position, and try to mirror it themselves in different ways, to participate in hypes or create them. We are looking at how companies are attempting to create touch points in Berlin with target groups and consumers – in order to make a brand experienceable.

In addition to the city's culture and diverse habitats, we are also exploring trends, visiting pop-up stores, events and brand environments to explain how brands can benefit from the capital – and therefore the capital from them. We take a look at young, but also classic, brands.

This seminar is intended to inspire and help to understand metropolises such as Berlin and their subcultures from the perspective of students, advertisers and/or brand managers - all in an attempt to transfer possibilities.

About Daniel

Daniel Uppenbrock studied sociology and marketing communication and has been living in Berlin for eight years. Since then he has been active in marketing and advertising. He has been working as a account director and strategist for the Kreuzberger advertising agency DOJO, which among other things, operates the Berlin-based fashion label Muschi Kreuzberg. Under his responsibility and guidance, the agency developed campaigns for Deezer, eBay, and Coca-Cola amongst others. In 2014 he founded a charity intended to help the homeless people of Berlin.

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