M.A. Strategic Design Innovation Project

Imagining the future: Strategic Design students create future scenarios for autonomous driving

The technical conditions for autonomous driving are already well established, experts from the German car manufacturers say. Nevertheless, consumers have not caught up: It is still difficult for all of us to image how it will be like to use cars without driving ourselves. How does it work? What will we do inside the cars? Why should we change our habits and switch to autonomous driving altogether?

Strategic Design

One of the students solutions, “eddie”, pictures the needs of the future family and how this new feature will help ease their lifestyle and their daily duties. The brand „eddie“ proposes a trustworthy yet friendly companion in the form of a digital interface connected to the autonomous car. This brand offers two services to support all members of the family, a commuting and a babysitting service.

The first service, “eddie Voyage” offers the option of breakfast on board along with transport to and from work or school. While “eddie Kiddo” supports a physical babysitter when parents are away, either by driving where needed or offering a playing area for the smallest members of the family. The projection of further services for future needs of the users of autonomous driving is multiple. Other service extensions can be offered as the brand develops into the daily caregiver of the future user.

Next Steps